Terminus is a community of people, interested in information technology and computing. You'll find more information at the main page. We work on many open-source projects; hopefully we will be adding some of them to this index.

Projects listed here:

  • WM PPTP daemon: The wmpptpd is a Linux PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) server. Comparing to PoPToP and PPTP-Linux, it handles multiple connections and clients, implements window protocol, etc. Its design and configuration options enable it to work with many PPTP implementations (e.g., Compaq Microcom 4000). Authors: Milan WWW Pikula and Marek Zelem.

  • Medusa DS9: Medusa DS9 is used to increase Linux's security. It consists of two major parts, Linux kernel changes and the user-space daemon. Kernel changes do the monitoring of syscalls, filesystem actions, and processes, and they implement the communication protocol. The security daemon communicates with the kernel using the character device to send and receive packets. It contains the whole logic and implements the concrete security policy. That means that Medusa can implement any model of data protection; it depends only on configuration file, which is in fact a program in the internal programming language, somewhat similiar to C. Authors: Marek Zelem, Milan WWW Pikula and Martin Mandos Ockajak.

  • TI85 Emulator: The ti85emu is a free ti85 calculator emulator for UNIX/Linux. It's based on MSX Z80 emulation library and FLTK toolkit. It's designed to be easily extended and ported to other GUIs.. Author: Milan WWW Pikula.

  • E2 Salvage: e2salvage is a utility, which tries to recover a data from damaged ext2 partition. More comprehensive description can be found here. Authors: Marek Zelem and Milan WWW Pikula.

  • vdt52s VNC viewer: vt52vnc is a VNC ( ) viewer, which can be used on old, green, monochromatic, prehistoric terminals labeled vdt52s, which are capable of vector graphics. Authors: Milan WWW Pikula with the code from Marek Zelem.

  • Linux Data Recovery System: DARE is a small Linux kernel patch to VFS (Virtual Filesystem) which transparently moves files into a special directory on each filesystem instead of removing them. It works similar like Novell Netware Data Recovery or MS Windows Recycle Bin. Authors: Marek Zelem.